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How Can Feng Shui Help You and Your Home?

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Feng shui is the psychology of place and a complementary interior design.

‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.’ Winston Churchill

Feng shui’s main function is to increase and improve the energy (chi) flow in homes and work spaces. Winston Churchill was right and he was one of the first supporters of environmental psychology (and cognitive ergonomics) which, like feng shui, looks at the people/place relationship. The latest research suggests that successful people have an environment which supports them, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In short, feng shui is a physical-vibrational affirmation of life.

Inspired by a holistic approach to feng shui, Nashville feng shui expert, Will LeStrange offers innovative solutions designed to bring you harmony, edge, luck and success in business and your personal life. These solutions meet all life and business needs, addressing specific conditions to help you become balanced, lucky and prosperous.

6 reasons for using feng shui
1. feng shui’s function is to increase and improve the energy flow of homes and workplaces
2. feng shui can harmonise your environments for optimum living and working
3. feng shui will raise the vibration of your home or workplace
4. feng shui is used to energise your environments to become a magnet for opportunities and prosperity
5. feng shui helps to increase your personal luck factor
6. feng shui can help to avoid negative influences such as geopathic stress and EMF (electromagnetic) pollution


DESIGNING OPTIMUM ENVIRONMENTS for living involves more than simply decorating and furnishing. It is widely recognised that light, colours, spaces and forms have specific influences which affect us physically and emotionally; they can empower and strengthen us, or contribute to stress and dis-ease.

At the same time, as individuals, we all have our own unique needs and tastes for our home atmospheres. These, however, change with time as the conditions and circumstances of our lives alter.

Feng shui helps with
• selling your property quickly
• choosing a property to buy
• clearing geopathic stress
• improving relationships
• finding your ideal partner
• attracting prosperity
• improving your luck

How it works
Feng shui recognises and utilises the points where the smallest adjustments will make the most beneficial difference. For example, it identifies and addresses sick building syndrome and geopathic stress. These lower the immune system and can lead to a wide range of health problems including chronic fatigue, headache, sleep problems, poor concentration, learning difficulties, etc.

Just as the blood is circulated through our physical body, vital energy within buildings moves in broadly definable ways and patterns. Feng shui uses maps and models to locate and correct imbalances and blockages of vital energy flow. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life – it might be that the energy of your home is stuck.

It also acknowledges that every aspect of our environment carries metaphoric meaning. This affects us, whether or not we are consciously aware of the symbolism. In a way, our homes become an extension and expression of ourselves and a reflection of our lives. When we change specific areas of our environment e.g. career, relationships, wealth the corresponding parts of our lives will be noticeably improved.

A feng shui consultation includes

1. An assessment of the client’s needs and issues.
2. A review of the history of the property.
3. Feng shui assessment of the property, dowsing for geopathic stress, checking EMFpollution.
4. Discussion of findings, definition of solutions and implementation plan.
5. Making immediate minor feng shui corrections to the property if possible (space clearing and geopathic stress harmonisation).
6. Follow up, fine tuning consultation on the phone after 1-3 months.

Space clearing
Space clearing is a feng shui related discipline that deals with clearing and revitalizing energies in home and workplaces.

Space clearing uses
– to enhance and support feng shui process
– to harmonise working and living spaces
– to clear any ‘stuck’ energies
– to balance space after moving to a new home or workplace
– to assist with the sale of property
– to change the overall ‘atmosphere’ in homes and workplaces

How I work with space clearing
– My primary tool is a Bach Flower Clearing Essence Mist Spray (by Ainsworths)
– I also suggest to de-clutter the space with a basic spring cleaning and organisation of objects.
– Use of air-cleasing plants (based on NASA research into air-cleansing plants) such as spider plants, peace lilly and ferns is suggested.
• with special space clearing mists – Bach Flower remedies and Australian Bush Flower remedies
• sound – bells
• vibrational space clearning CD
• candles
• smudge sticks
• symbols
• intention
• Helios3 – geopathic stress harmoniser

Distant consultations are also available.

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Send me a video or photos of your home or business and then we can talk on the phone. Another great option is to get on a live Skype video call and using the camera on your laptop or smart phone, walk me around your place.  Contact me for more info: 502 777 3586


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