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Nashville Feng shui expert Will LeStrange

Nashville Feng Shui Expert Will LeStrange

Will LeStrange is from the U.K. He has a background in construction, education, holistic health care, design, music, and permaculture (organic agriculture). Since 1995 he has run an international design consultancy and is director of Design for Life UK and Arrange Your Space For Success. He is currently based in Kentucky and works with clients all over the world.

Will’s work is concerned with the health and well being of humanity and with raising awareness of the ways in which our surroundings affect and influence our lives. His profound understanding of the relationship between our inner and outer landscapes makes him an authority on creating healthy, life-enhancing places to live and work.

His experience encompasses a variety of ancient and modern disciplines:

As a builder he has designed, built and renovated projects around the globe and has studied numerous indigenous building traditions. He has contributed to many modern eco-build projects and worked on the very first straw bale construction in the British Isles in 1995.

As a student of feng shui he has trained in China and Europe with some of the finest masters alive. As a teacher he has lectured to construction apprentices, business and healthcare professionals, NASA scientists and interior designers. As a student of personal development he has studied Buddhism, Taoism, Integral philosophy, kineseology, time management and success psychology.

Dalai Lama and Will LeStrange

Meeting The Dalai Lama During The Engaging Compassion Event in Louisville May 2013

He attributes his drive for understanding the nature of life to a near death experience at the age of sixteen. His broad knowledge of holistic health comes from receiving every kind of treatment available on his journey to recovering from a broken back and severe crush injuries.

His consultancy work has helped hundreds of home owners and business professionals create surroundings that are filled with affection and feelings of relaxed success.

He defines his approach to environmental design as ‘Building with Heart’. His clients are homeowners and tenants, businesses – large and small, property developers, farms, schools, shops, restaurants, beauty and health practitioners and even the British police force.

His training programs guide people from all walks of life through a process that reveals the potential of both their space and themselves. Arrange Your Space for Success is Will’s latest project that will help professionals transform themselves, their time and their space, with a view to increasing productivity and growing their business to the next level.

I have had the privilege of studying with some great masters and teachers of Feng Shui. Here is a quick video interview with Howard Choy one of my favorite Feng Shui teachers


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